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4 of the Most Scenic Drives that You Just Have to Take

The National Parks in the United States and the highways around them allow for some unbelievable views while driving. If you have a trip planned to the US, or if you are a citizen who is looking to find the most scenic drives in the country, we have the list of four routes that will leave you mesmerized.

Highway 101, Washington

Highway 101 is also popularly known as the Olympic Peninsula Loop, as it surrounds the Olympic National Park. The dense dark forest on the backdrop of the snow-peaked mountains is a sight to behold, but that’s just one side of the drive.

As you drive along Highway 101, you will come across the Hood Canal, Lake Crescent and finally, the Pacific Ocean on the other side. It’s a must-drive route for those seeking serene vistas.

Highway 1, California

How can this one not be on the list? After all, the Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most popular ones in the entire United States and most would argue that no other drive can offer more beautiful scenery than Highway 1.

Aside from the ever-changing but always beautiful coastal views, the passengers will also come across the Big Sur, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Redwoods of California.

Highway 12, Utah

The highway drives of Utah offer a different type of beauty than what you might expect from a state like California or Washington because the scenes here are ancient, rugged and filled with colours that we seldom see on a highway anywhere else. Let the golden yellows and the dark reds of the surrounding atmosphere envelop you, with occasional, strangely dense sprouts of green forested lands.

During your drive on Highway 12, you will come across the famous Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand-Staircase Escalante National Monument and Capital Reef National Park in all their glory.

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Highway 101, Oregon

The Oregon coastline is one of the most beautiful in the country and a drive on Highway 101 during a summer evening sunset will let you experience exactly why it is called so. It’s just a gorgeous and calm coastal drive that no one should miss out on.

The itinerary on the route covers Haystack Rock, Seal Rock, Thor’s Well, and the Devil’s Churn. In spite of the suspicious name, the lattermost is worth a stop for some of the most scenic shots that amateur or pro photographer can get in the area.

This, of course, is not even close to being a full list because there’s just so much to see here while driving around the vast US countryside. Nevertheless, they will get you started on your road trips and you won’t regret ever taking a single one of them.

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