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A Wheelchair Accessible Guide to the Futuroscope Park, France

Wheelchair Accessible Futuroscope Park, France

With 2 million visits per year, the Wheelchair Accessible Futuroscope park is the ideal destination for all those who are passionate about new Technology and Science Fiction. Offering activities for the whole family, the Park can be enjoyed by young and old. Located just 10 km from Poitiers, the park is a must-see when visiting the Loire Valley and its Castles. With this dedicated station, the Park can also be a stopover during your visit to Paris.


An accessible park for people with reduced mobility

Labelled Tourism and Handicap, the park offers many facilities to facilitate the visit of visitors with reduced mobility. When you arrive, you can go to reception to receive your guide to accessibility for people with disabilities, also available here in PDF format. This guide will validate your priority passage and will be presented in front of the various attractions.

At the reception of the Park, you will also be available to print free manual wheelchairs and rent electric scooters. The alleys of the park are smooth and signs on the ground allow you to go to the various attractions while avoiding any stairs or too steep slopes. WCs large enough to accommodate wheelchairs and with support rails are available throughout the park.


Wheelchair Accessible Futuroscope


Accessibility of Attractions

Wheelchair Accessible Futuroscope housing several screening rooms all have space reserved for people with reduced mobility in wheelchairs. Different shows like “Aquaféerie”, “Illusio” and “The mysteries of the Kude” make you enter the room first and get you settled in a specific location.

The Attractions on dynamic seat require the ability to make a transfer. However, it is possible to enjoy the projection only with 3D glasses. Only the “Ice Age” time attraction offers a vibrating plate on which to put the wheelchair.

However, the attractions “Arthur, the 4D adventure” and “The Extraordinary journey” require a transfer.


Wheelchair Accessible Futuroscope


The strong points of the Park

The famous attractions of the Rabbids at Futuroscope can be perfectly accessible for people with reduced mobility. It offers these visitors in wheelchairs to unscrew one of the seats of the wagon to be able to accommodate a wheelchair. However, services require a lot of organization for the personnel. Therefore, it is preferable to go to this attraction at the end of the day and to see directly with the staff.

The attraction “Les Yeux Grands Fermés” created in particular to educate visitors, is a guided attraction in the dark allowing the awakening of your other senses. There is an additional charge for this attraction, but it allows the financing of equipment for the use of blind people. However, this attraction is not wheelchair accessible at all.


Accessible Accommodations

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