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Accessible Holidays in Abu Dhabi

Are you dreaming of exploring exotic places but hesitant to spread your wings? Do you wish disabled travel was easier? We have exciting news! Accessible travel is a reality. According to the World Health Organization, over one billion people in the world have some form of disability. Accordingly, many popular destinations are targeting tourism to the physically challenged. At Handiscover, we've scouted the globe for accessible lodging. We'll help you book safe holidays with hospitable hosts. Abu Dhabi is a progressive city, with a heart for the disabled. We're eager to introduce you to this cosmopolitan jewel.




Abu Dhabi is an island city on the Arabian Peninsula, encircled by the Persian Gulf. Established 45 years ago, the city is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a federation of seven states. The island is the ideal marriage of nature and modern life. Gardens and parks embrace skyscrapers. Tree-lined streets hug luxury hotels and magnificent shopping malls. Accommodations, attractions, and transportation are becoming increasingly accessible. In 2011, the UAE issued this earnest statement: "We care about people with disabilities, irrespective of whether they are residents, citizens, or visitors."




Are you seeking sunshine and blue skies? Abu Dhabi will oblige. Sunny weather is the norm nearly every day of the year. April to September is the warmest period, with daytime temperatures averaging 36°C (96°F). However, air-conditioning is standard in all city buildings. October through March is the city's "winter," when rainfall is sparse, and daytime temps hover at 24°C (75°F).




In Abu Dhabi, women are treated with respect. Police are especially helpful. The city abounds with child-friendly attractions, including parks, beaches, kid zones, and day care centers at all major shopping malls. Most hotels welcome families with children, offering babysitting services, supervised activities, and children's swimming pools.




Though Arabic is the official language of the UAE, English is the most commonly spoken tongue. Many locals also speak Hindi, Chinese, Bengali, Urdu, Tagalog, Tamil, Malayalam, and Persian.




At Handiscover, we steer you in the direction of accessible lodging. We feature quarters in apartments, houses, small hotels, and bed-and-breakfasts. We offer a range of prices, amenable to every budget. It's easy to find accommodations perfectly suited to your needs.




Sheikh Zayed Mosque

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This is one of the city's most majestic landmarks, possibly the most opulent in the world! Designed to unite all people, artisans and materials were sourced from numerous countries, including Germany, Italy, Turkey, India, Iran, China, the UK, New Zealand, and Greece. Among the luxurious materials used are gold, marble, ceramic, and crystal. The mosque is massive, occupying a space the size of five football fields!


Smiling at the city's entrance, the mosque is a welcoming presence. The complex serves several purposes, as a house of worship, site of social gathering, and an educational center. Bold architectural accents are gold-plated chandeliers, white marble columns, and domes capped with shimmering finials. Inside the mosque, recessed lighting casts a soft glow upon ledges, caves, and alcoves. The main prayer hall is floored with the world's largest carpet, hand-fashioned in a floral design. Blue-tiled pools surround the mosque, reflecting its gilded pillars. Colorfully illumined at night, the structure is breathtaking!


The center provides wheelchairs and club car shuttle service, obtainable from Security. One-hour tours begin on the east side of the mosque. Children are welcome to join. The mosque is open Saturday through Thursday, 9am-10pm, and Friday, 4:30pm-10pm.


Out of respect for this sacred space, visitors are requested to follow mosque guidelines. Clothing should be loose-fitting and conservative. Long sleeves are required, and men are asked to wear trousers versus shorts. Women should don headscarves, a traditional robe, and ankle-length skirts. Scarves and robes can be loaned free of charge, available at service desks. For details on requested mosque conduct, go to: or click here.


Emirates Park Zoo

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Experience the thrill of touching and feeding the animals at this outdoor zoo! The park is home to over 1,700 farm and wild species. Admission is free for the disabled, and all entrances are readily accessible by wheelchair. If you visit during summer, the misting system will keep you cool. The grounds also have large, shaded areas. Here's an overview of what you can do at the Emirates Park Zoo:


take pictures.

  • Elephant Encounter - Feed two sweet animals while hearing facts on Asian and African elephants.


  • Sea Lion Show - Three animals perform for 20 minutes, including break-dancing, ball-juggling, and hand-stands.  Staff members give an educational presentation.  You're welcome to interact with the sea lions and take pictures.


  • Birds of Prey Exhibit - Get eye-to-eye with a fascinating owl or falcon.


  • Magic Show - Be entertained by animal tricks.


  • Siberian Tiger Cub Show - Watch zoo staff interact with the babies.


  • Petting Zoo - Children can touch and feed domestic breeds.  


The zoo is open from Sunday-Wednesday, 9am-8pm, and Thursday-Saturday, 9am-9pm.


Corniche Promenade

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The Corniche is a paved promenade along the Persian Gulf waterfront. You'll enjoy fresh breezes along the path, bordering manicured greens and pristine beaches. Also lining the picturesque route are parks, gardens, restaurants, and children's play areas. The road offers wheelchair access to separate beaches for singles, families, and the general public. The water is a serene aquamarine, and the sand is white and silky. Beaches are open daily from 8am-8pm. A lifeguard is on duty until sunset. You may have the ideal timing to catch a free concert or sports competition. Beach amenities include cabanas, showers, and changing rooms. You can also rent sun loungers, umbrellas, and towels.




All the city's shopping malls and most restaurants are accessible. The majority of public restrooms are adapted for disabled use.




Airport - At Abu Dhabi International Airport, golf carts are available to wheelchair users in Terminals 1 and 3. Ramps, rails, and gates are designed for disabled safety. Other accessible features are automatic doors, elevators, luggage trolleys, and low check-in counters. Personal assistance is available, which you should book when reserving your flight or two days before departure.


Bus - Blue city buses are air-conditioned and wheelchair-accessible. Priority seating in the first three rows is given to women and families. Seats in the back are for men only. Buses operate weekdays from 5:00am to midnight and weekends from 5am-2am. The main bus terminal in Abu Dhabi is on Hazaa Bin Zayed Road. There, you can board buses going to different points in the city. The bus station also serves as a taxi stand. Local buses require exact fare, and regional buses dispense change. Bus stops are marked by Department of Transport pole signs. For bus maps and timetables, go to: or click here.


Taxi - Holiday Taxis has a fleet of wheelchair-accessible cabs. Vehicles are equipped with either a lift or ramp. Drivers will assist your entry and exit from cabs. If you use a collapsible wheelchair, be sure to convey this, so the company can dispatch a vehicle with adequate space. When booking a cab, advise the dispatcher of your specific needs. For details and to reserve a cab, call +44 1273 828 200 or go to: Another source of accessible cabs is, offering free quotes from local transporters. You can refer to their Trip Request Form here.


Metro - Planning is underway for a metro line, but construction is still in the works.


Travel Tips - For a concise Abu Dhabi travel guide, go to: or click here.




The world is your oyster! Are you familiar with this expression? Derived from a Shakespearean play, it means you can make the most of any situation. Within each oyster is the potential for creating a lustrous pearl. The accommodations we feature are pearls for physically challenged travelers. You'll feel right at home in Abu Dhabi, as happy as a clam!