Accessible apartments and hotels in Caldey Island - Disabled holidays

Accessible apartments and hotels in Caldey Island - Disabled holidays

 Imagine yourself of the coast of Wales on the most idyllic and serene of islands anywhere in the world. The history of Caldey Island alone dates back some 1500 years, and it has been a part of Britain’s landscape and history for multiple generations. The views are breathtaking and the weather will surely make you feel relaxed and right at home! You might think that your physical disability precludes you from traveling to such a destination due to a lack of access, but please reconsider that line of thinking.


 Handiscover, a Swedish based vacation rental booking site that specializes in sourcing accessible hotels and apartments for a variety of disabled holidays throughout Europe and beyond is pleased to be of service to you. They have vetted several types of accesibility1-1 accommodation on Caldey Island, and now it is just up to you to decide where to stay. This is a most peaceful and relaxing place to spend your holidays, and they can certainly accommodate you even if you are in a wheelchair.


 Keep in mind that Handiscover makes it their business to provide the best accessible hotels and apartments that are well suited to today’s traveler with limited mobility. They can provide practical guidance to you about how to make this the trip of a lifetime, so now is the time to start putting that dream into action. They are based in Sweden, but are soon to open up offices in Nordic and the United Kingdom as well. The company truly has a regional presence that you can rest easy in as you plan your travels.



 Begin the planning process today. Look at the options available to you online at Handiscover, pack your bags, and enjoy your holiday to Caldey Island. You deserve it!