Sao Paulo

Accessible apartments and hotels in Sao Paulo- Disabled holidays

Sao Paulo is Brazil’s biggest city and one that is making progress all the time to increase access for those who are mobility, hearing and sight impaired. While it is not at the forefront of the increased accessibility movement, it is still enjoyable to visit and witness its natural and urban beauty along with its colourful culture and residents. The city is absolutely a melting pot of cultures and quite cosmopolitan Sao Paulo is bursting at the seams with life and music. It is a place that can bring a smile to one’s face easily and often, which is reason enough to journey to this city and experience it to the fullest!


Getting around Sao Paulo with a disability

“Assento para deficientes” indicates that the chairs are reserved for the elderly or those with a disability. Many buses have a low floor to make it easy to board and alight from. You are welcome to bring your service animals with you on public transport. At the metro stations you will find that many are labelled with braille to make it easier for those who are visually impaired. It can be helpful to bring an international handbook of braille when travelling abroad.


Getting a great hotel in Sao Paulo wheelchair friendly access


Due to its enormous size you can choose from a number of accommodations that service travelers with special needs and restricted mobility. Often such hotels and apartments have great staff who can offer their assistance when necessary. (The concierge at any reputable hotel is sure to be able to get you into the city’s choicest entertainment venues and restaurants!). Depending on your budget and room requirements you’ll be able to find what you need when travelling with a disability.