Siem Reap

Accessible apartments and hotels in Siem Reap- Disabled holidays

Cambodia’s Siem Reap wasn’t always so popular with tourists but since word has gotten out about its incredible architecture and scenery, now it is a full-on tourist destination. And with good reason: the scenery is dreamy and you’ll find the most amazing temples that dot the landscape. It also has many services and features that make it accessible to all travelers, including those with limited mobility. Siem Reap is a destination not to be missed and worth the effort of visiting in this lifetime. Because it is so popular it also has increased its accessibility.


Getting around Siem Reap in a wheelchair

From the airport you can engage a taxi service. It is a smart idea to get the contact info from your driver in order to take advantage of using their service throughout your holiday stay. You can find access-friendly transportation through many private transportation services as well. Check online before your departure to take note of numerous companies for upmost convenience.


Finding an incredible accommodation in Siem Reap that features full access for guests with disabilities

While many places may not have fully accessible accommodations, there are numerous locations that do. They may also offer rooms on the ground floor as well as those outfitted with serviceable bathrooms to meet the need of travelers with disabilities.


What to do in Sien Reap- attractions that are reduced mobility friendly


You will want to check out the Angkor National Museum as well as the Silk Farm. Call both places ahead to make sure they can accommodate your special requirements in advance. Many people travel to Siem Reap in order to enjoy the incredible Angkor Archaeological Park. The tourist board can direct you to the details of whether these attractions and more will be suitable for travel to those with limited mobility.